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Journeyman Landscape Certification
Horticulture Diploma
Agronomy Diploma
Pesticide Applicators License

About Us

Heart River Landscaping Ltd has the equipment and can source all your materials to get your job done. We customize, design, install and all types of landscapes. We are professional landscapers specializing in the low maintenance design. We are qualified and experienced landscaping contractors and take pride in quality workmanship. We have a strong knowledge on hardy plant material and the knowledge on plant selection for a specific location. If you would like to get started with your landscaping project, give us a call.ABOUT US
Heart River Landscaping has been providing professional landscaping services to the Peace River region since 1988.

With a combined work experience of over 65 years in the landscape industry we are able to provide
knowledgeable and experienced consulting, design and construction for any project.
From small residential and acreages to large school grounds, hospitals and parks.
Since our startup we identified a need for plantings that require less maintenance; by using geotextiles, rock and or mulches, and the proper selection and planting of hardy species time and labour savings can be realized.
No one else in the Peace River Area has our knowledge and experience in producing a professional end product.

- Consulting
- Site Evaluation
- Design
- Gradework
- Construction
- Plant Selection & Installation
- Lawn Planting
- Fencing
- Paving Stone
- Retaining Walls
- Post Hole Auguring
- Reclamation Seeding & Fertilizing & Mowing

Our line of equipment is well maintained and can tackle almost any job. If we don’t have it we have the contacts to provide it.
We source all plant material from Alberta nurseries to ensure proven for our long Alberta winters.
Availability is generally not an issue for most of the common species and varieties, some of the uncommon or new plants may be problematic.
Only Canada no. 1 certified grass and broadleaf seed is used that has been germination tested, using anything other than that is too much of a gamble.
The geotextiles we use are either a heavy road matting or Dewitt Pro 5 fabric.
Ace of Diamond lawn edging is used exclusively because of its proven track record for durability and appearance. At times a flat metal edging is called for and use everedge.
Most rock aggregate mulches can be sourced locally, round washed in 1”-3” and crushed washed in 2”-3” being readily available, as well cobblestone, fieldstone and boulders are no problem. Bark and various other mulches are available.


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Heart River Landscaping Ltd

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Nampa, AB T0H 2R0

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